Hlukhin Vs Nung Ubon 21st July 2013

Hlukhin Vs Nung Ubon 21st July 2013

Hlukhin Wassantasit Vs Nung Ubon 21st July 2013

KYN Muay Thai Gym is excited and proud to announce that its owner and head trainer, Hlukhin Wassantasit, will be fighting once more in Bangkok on 21 July 2013, with the prize money worth an incredible 800,000 Baht.

Hlukhin, a former Rajadamnern champion, has been paired with another top class fighter, Nung Ubon Sitlerchai, who is an ex. Lumpini Champion. Although they are same age and fought at around the same time, they surprisingly never fought each at the height of their careers – so this is an exciting match for them both and is sure to be a great fight.

The fight will be held at the Git Muang Nun Stadium in Nungubon in Bangkok, and will also be broadcast on the PSI Channel at 9pm – a fight not to be missed!

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