Hlukhin, Head Trainer

Hlukhin 10 times Champion!

Hlukhin, Head Trainer

Hlukhin devoted his early life to becoming a Muay Thai Champion and now devotes his life to his students. Hlukhin started fighting professionally at the age of 9 and has had over 200 fights. Hlukhin moved from his home to Borcahiwat Gym in Bangkok, Thailand at the age of 13 to become a professional Muay Thai fighter. Throughout his career, he won 10 Champion Belts, including the WMC World Champion and the Rajadamnern Fighter of the Year twice.

Hlukhin also fought professionally as a boxer, and not only did he fight for the WBA World Champion, incredibly he was undefeated in all 50 of his boxing fights 30 of them professional. He incredibly won more than 30 of these fights by knock out. To see the details of Hlukhin’s recorded boxing fights check out his page on Boxrec.

Hlukhin is a very well recognised Muay Thai fighter and is famous throughout Thailand. We are very lucky to have him here to pass on his knowledge!

Hlukhin’s champion record:

  • Age 11 – Southern Thai Champion (66lb)
  • Age 17 – Rajadamnern Fighter of the Year (115lb)
  • Age 18 – Rajadamnern Champion (115lb)
  • Age 18 – Isuzu Entertain Champion (115lb)
  • Age 19 – Rajadamnern Fighter of the Year (115lb)
  • Age 23 – Boxing OPBF Champion (118lb)
  • Age 24 – Boxing PABA Champion (118lb) -( an amazing 6 times!)
  • Age 32 – Tam Jai Entertain Champion (140lb)
  • Age 32 – Siam Om Noi Champion (140lb)
  • Age 33 – WMC World Champion (143 lb)

You can check out Hlukhin in action on this video: