The Pool

K.Y.N Muay Thai is the only camp in Thailand with a pool by the sea

Our Muay Thai camp has a large salt water swimming pool with views of the sunset beach located just meters from your room, restaurant, and gym. perfect for relaxing after training and soothing those aching muscles!

“It has a lovely pool to relax, cute gardens and is positioned on the edge of the ocean with spectacular sunset views.”


“Wish we had a pool to hop in after training back home!”


The Ring Side Cafe

Koh Yao Noi Muay Thai Gym would like to welcome you to The Ring side cafe, an open-air restaurant just meters from the gym, pool, and beach. Serving amazing traditional Thai meals as well as Western-style snacks and breakfasts, all ingredients are sourced locally to provide the freshest possible meals. We serve healthy options of most of our dishes with brown rice wholemeal bread and fresh fruit and protein shakes, to help ensure that you get the best nutrition possible during your intense training. Our menu can be modified for any vegetarian or vegan students.

Our training and accommodation package includes 2 meals per day at the Ring Side cafe with a choice from a large menu! You will get breakfast after training in the morning and dinner after the afternoon session.

“Food is awesome, if you don’t like something about it they’ll change it immediately to meet your wishes.”


“The menu in the restaurant was varied and the food was always delicious. The kitchen staff were always around to cook you anything you wanted, especially after a hard training session.”


“The kitchen ladies were all incredibly friendly and alongside the great food they were always smiling.”


The Sunsets

KYN Muay Thai Gym sunset

Strictly speaking, sunsets are not actually a facility we offer at Koh Yao Noi Muay Thai but that doesn’t stop them happening every night. Visible from the gym, the pool, and the restaurant you’ll find it hard to stop taking photos to send home to your friends and family. Here are some of the best we’ve seen.

Other Facilities

There are many leisure activities available on Koh Yao Noi, such as

  • Visiting a spa for a luxurious Thai massage,
  • Boat trips,
  • Fishing,
  • Diving,
  • Kayaking,
  • Snorkeling,
  • Rock climbing,
  • Yoga,
  • Shopping
  • Chilling on the beach

Check out the full list on our Koh Yao Noi activities page.