Kick training with a sunset view

Koh Yao Noi Muay Thai Gym’s Thai boxing training program in Koh Yao Noi near Phuket and Krabi, Thailand.

Our classes are run by our very talented and dedicated trainers who provide our students with intense, real Muay Thai training. Our group classes are perfect for students of all different levels so everybody is welcome.

Our classes are small and have a real emphasis on technique, and individual attention is guaranteed.

Muay Thai, Thailand’s national sport, is VERY intense and requires a lot of commitment; our professional trainers here will work with you at your level to achieve your goals and maximum potential.

Group class Training Programme

  • 9 km run (only compulsory for those in “fighter” training)
  • Skipping (optional, before the class starts)
  • Warm-up (compulsory, 20 minutes before class starts)
  • Stretching session
  • Shadow boxing + technique training
  • Sparring + grappling with technique training
  • Bag work with trainer supervision
  • One on one pad work with trainer
  • Clinching with close supervision from our trainers
  • Weights (optional)
  • Warm down while admiring our sunset view!
  • Finish your class with a well-deserved swim!

Training at K.Y.N. Muay Thai Gym is held six days a week (Sunday is a day off!).

Group classes start at 8am-10am and 4pm-6pm

Please note:
We have limited our student numbers to keep our classes top quality and to stop our gym from becoming overcrowded. So please book in advance through the booking form as we tend to get booked up quickly.

Because of this anybody staying in outside accommodation will only be able to take part in private lessons.

Private Muay Thai Lessons are held Monday to Saturday and are one-on-one with one of our excellent champion trainers and are perfect for perfecting technique. Private sessions are available anytime between 10 am and 3.00 pm.

Full pricing details – packages and individual class available on our pricing page.

Our shop

You will need your own training gear

For your own safety during your Muay Thai vacation, it is compulsory to have your own gloves, shinpads and mouth guard. If you do not wish to bring any with you we have a shop on site which sells gloves, shinpads, shorts, T-shirts, vest tops, hoodies, hand wraps, anklets, mouth guards and other souvenirs.

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The journey from student to fighter

This video details the journey one of our students took at KYN Muay Thai gym as he trained for a fight. 22 minutes long but it contains a lot of detail on what life is like at KYN and what you can expect.

If you think you are interested in fighting while here, then check out our Fighting page

“Amazing staff, very good instruction with sharp eyes for technique.”


“What a cool place for a 5-year-old to have his first ever kickboxing lesson. Really authentic gym that made him feel welcome and the trainers were great with the kids”


“If you want to be trained by world-class fighters, on a beautiful island, where the atmosphere is friendly but with the intention of pushing you to your limits, then this is the place!"


“The muscle that hurt the most after my first training session was my cheek muscles from smiling so much.’


“Arrived as a novice and was immediately impressed with both the quality and patience of the trainers. They are all top guys and were predominantly the reason this whole experience was as epic as it was.”


“KYN Gym is not too crowded and its trainers are all friendly and a dedicated bunch of Muay Thai trainers who will shape you up and make sure you go the distance.”


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